The rear end is from a Midget/Sprite. It was stripped of its unneeded brackets and hydraulic brakes. The bearings were inspected, cleaned and repacked with grease. New seals and gaskets were installed along… Continue reading


The chassis was stripped and pressure washed. All bolts, brackets and mechanical parts were treated with Liquid Wrench and WD40 and any unneeded parts were removed and discarded to reduce weight.


The Austin was purchased as an unfinished restoration project -arriving as a rolling chassis with parts loosely fitted for transport. It’s spent a good part of its life in the Hawaiian islands and… Continue reading


I started by securing two important parts -a BMW R90/6 motorcycle motor for power and a 1933 Austin 10-4 for the chassis. The air-cooled R90/6 motor is 898cc and good for 60hp. The… Continue reading